Healthy hints to help you beat the post-Christmas bulge

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Wow…what a hectic few weeks! The Christmas and New Year celebrations have finally finished and we are actually looking forward to a detox after overindulging during the festive season. We are sure many of you feel the same so here are a few quick tips to help kick-start a healthy January…

Green Tea: It’s out with the coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine and in with the Green Tea. This is one of the most easy substitutes to make to your diet and it will help your body get rid of all those toxins. If you find pure green tea a tad too strong, opt for a mint or cranberry flavour.

Workout time: Gym membership peaks in popularity at this time of year as we all make that New Year resolution to get back in shape. However, don’t rush into splashing out on a gym membership as there are plenty of other healthy ways to enjoy exercise that you can often sustain for longer. How about walking to work or starting early evening jogging sessions with friends. If you need an added incentive, why not enter a 10k race in spring?

Go T-total: If the champagne corks were popping during the Christmas party season and you enjoyed more than one night cap, why not go T-total for January? With most people cutting back on the party lifestyle during this month, there is no better time to completely abstain from alcohol and cleanse your body.

Love your skin: If late nights have taken their toll then make sure you pick up some nourishing body treats. Relax in a hot bath, enjoy a face mask and wrap your body in a creamy moisturiser to help revitalise your skin.

A moderate diet: Don’t jump straight into a drastic diet after the festive season as this will only make the January blues feel a whole lot worse. Our sugar levels need time to readjust after several weeks of sweet treats and you should allow your stomach to shrink back slowly by eating moderate and balanced meals. Make sure you pack your diet with extra fruit and veg to swap the sweet cravings for something a little more healthy. This way, you will beat the bulge before you even realise!

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