Sloaney Lifestyle: Fight the Christmas bulge with Anti Cellulite Leggings

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December is nearly here and a month of sin lies ahead. The healthy eating plan may as well be torn up and thrown in the bin. After all, with Christmas comes parties and with parties comes champagne, mince pies, mulled wine… even the Christmas tree is adorned with miniature chocolate treats.
Here at The Sloaney HQ we don’t want to spoil this rare month of justifiable over indulgence by bleating on about the ultimate detox just yet. However, we have discovered a secret weapon that will help you tackle the festive season with fitness in mind.

Last week we tried Slim Anti Cellulite Leggings, which have been developed by Proskins. We are always slightly skeptical of products claiming to give your figure a quick fix and were impressed when this garment suggested long-term changes; that’s what we like to hear!
This revolutionary fitness wear is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and counts Danni Minogue as an ardent fan. The leggings can be worn during your workout and the density of the fabric also allows for them to be worn as daytime apparel wear. They are extremely comfortable and feel like a second skin. Here’s hoping they help fight the Christmas bulge.
Full length leggings cost £50 and are available from the Proskins Website 

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