Chateau Pommery: What lies beneath? Vintage champagne and dramatic artwork

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Earlier this month, The Sloaney team were lucky enough to receive an invite to visit Chateau Pommery in Reims. This fitted perfectly with my latest assignment for our travel pages, which involved a drive to the South of France (feature coming soon). As you can imagine, the long journey home was made much more pleasurable with the prospect of stopping off at one of the biggest producers of champagne in the world.

When we arrived in Reims, we were not disappointed and the imposing Chateau Pommery is a striking highlight of this French city. The spectacular stature and grandeur of the home of Pommery is immediately obvious on arrival, with large irons gates beckoning you up a sweeping avenue that is framed with flags from various countries around the world.

The building is breathtaking; however, this is just the tip of the iceberg. What lies beneath are winding and vast cellars where the champagne is stored. As the alleyways twist and turn, stacks of vintage bottles can be discovered and the journey through the dark, cool cellars is brought to life by some dramatic artwork.

We took a camera underground to show our readers some of the spectacular décor that tells the story of Pommery.

Watch the mini-documentary here… 

Laura Toogood visits Chateau Pommery in Reims. Click to watch.

Laura Toogood visits Chateau Pommery in Reims. Click to watch.

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