How to wear red on Valentine’s Day to increase your sex appeal!

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Although it may seem a colour cliché, wearing red on the most romantic night of the year is proven to boost your attraction. A study carried out by Andrew Elliott of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester in New York, showed that men find women sexier when wearing a crimson hue; “We only found the effect for attraction, so males don’t rate females in red as more intelligent, more likable, or as having a better personality; they only rate her as sexier and more attractive,” he says.

Gisele Bundchen

Let’s put ‘personality’ aside for the moment, as we all love to look a little sexier, regardless of how we score on the charisma chart. But why is red so sexy?

From red roses to Valentine’s Day, it is the universally recognized colour of romance, so it makes sense that men subconsciously associate it with sex. As February 14th looms, there is no better time to embrace the devilish tone.

Everyone’s skin and hair colour is unique; however, there is a general rule of thumb for each key category when it comes to wearing rosy tones.

Here are my tips for how to get it right on the most romantic night of the year…


REDHEADS wearing red:

Red hair represents my favorite coloring and I am rather envious that there is actually a global club that acknowledges its diminishing uniqueness. Proud redheads are emphatic about preserving their striking natural colour. The relationship with fiery redheads and fiery tempers is not to be dismissed, as I discovered when mentioning to some of my closest ginger friends that it is possible to wear red, and dare I say, pink too!

I know that some of you will be shuddering at the thought but I assure you this fashion taboo can be challenged, and with great success.

Emma Roberts

There are so many subtle differences within the spectrum of the colour red that even being slightly off the primary tone can turn you into a sparkling ruby or a rough diamond.

It is imperative that you know your shade. A darker and more auburn hue can wear cherry/tomato reds and bright bold reds of that ‘Special K’ kind. This will evoke the vibrancy of your coloring, without a dreadful clash.

The classic redhead, with slightly paler skin to match, should look into warmer tones, such as ox blood or burgundy. Deeper tones of red are more complementary and warm the skin tone. Avoid pink and blue reds at all costs. The latter is a major ‘no’, as this will only serve to freeze out the skin tone and make you look washed out.


BRUNETTES wearing red:

This is the category I fall under but my own complexion is a little short of an olive skin tone at the moment, due to a lack of holidays! Whether you have a darker, more Mediterranean tint or a paler skin, having a mocha mullet and wearing red this Valentine’s Day is rather an easy option for us because we can get away with wearing most shades.

Dita Von Teese

Honestly, its really more a matter of personal choice. The only problem I find with the combination of brunette and red is that unless you want to go for the vampish look, it is important to make a deliberate effort to avoid ending up creating this style by accident; however, this is probably more of a makeup issue. To avoid the goth-glam look, you should tone down eye make-up and your lippy; keep it stripped back and simple instead. Let the red speak for itself.

I would recommend a beautiful rich ruby red, which will give vintage warmth against the skin tone. This is slightly more subtle than an obvious red and a little more ethereal for complementing the richness of your hair colouring.



Having dark chocolate skin and raven hair is often such a striking combination that you have to be careful not to detract from your natural beauty. Again, certain colours of red work really well but if you get it wrong, it can swallow up the richness of your tones and the colour can get lost in the darkness.

I would recommend choosing a red that really pops. This will show the contrast of two tones that complement one another. Orange reds would be perfect; think blood orange. Although this tone will work superbly, another option is a pinky red. Your skin type can carry fun colours, so don’t be afraid of being bold!


BLONDES wearing red:

Whether you are as platinum as Ms Monroe, a golden girl, or prefer ashy tones, wearing red really is not a problem for blonde ladies. You are probably the least wary of the colour and must never be afraid of embracing this romantic shade. Having a lightness of colour as your background gives you a blank canvas and allows for limitless restriction when it comes to wearing red.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Opting for a certain shade is down to personal choice, as well as knowing what suits you in general, but I would recommend blondes enjoy a bit of bold risqué red this Valentines Day. Ruby tones that reflect a fiery hotness will work best and you should look for a tone similar to that of Snow White’s fatal apple. Keep it traditional and classic.

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