Tips for how to customise your wardrobe, à la Jane Birkin!

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It recently emerged that Jane Birkin covers her namesake Hermès bag with stickers to give it a unique twist. Customisation has always been a popular way to create a more exclusive style and The Sloaney has some tips to help you give key pieces in your wardrobe a special touch…


Perhaps one of the more obvious ways of livening up a plain black cardi or your favourite coat is to add a funky brooch. Whether it is a glistening jewel or a striking animal silhouette, such an accessory will allow you to inject some individuality into your wardrobe staples.


Shorten a dress to make it a top

If you are bored of wearing your flouncy summer dress as a standalone piece, bring out some scissors and cut it at the waistline. This will give you a pretty and versatile top that can be worn with jeans or a skirt.

Sequins for your shoes

Add a bit of sparkle to your step by fixing some sequins to the heel of your stiletto or add some to the front of your court shoe. Gold glitter spray can also give a subtle glint to a pair of nude heels.

Add leg warmers to ankle boots

Staying with shoes, furry leg warmers are a great addition to black ankle boots. Not only will they transform your footwear by giving the appearance of a fur trim, but they will also add some extra warmth on a cold day.

Leg  Warmers

Change the straps

Finding an almost perfect top or dress hanging on the rails in your favourite boutique is always frustrating, but don’t be put off if the design is not just quite right. Take the plunge and buy the piece; changing it into a halter neck or strapless design could transform the style and fit.

Think outside the box

Sometimes an item of clothing is not presented in its best form. Perhaps a long skirt will actually look better when worn as a dress, with a wide belt around the waist. Maybe a light chiffon scarf could be pinned to create a beautiful top.

Sloaney Tip: When pinning tops, don’t always opt for a traditional safety pin. A silky cardigan could work really well as a top when pinned with a striking hair clip to create a plunging neckline.



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