Shopping tips for timeless Autumn/Winter fashion trends

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The humid weather in London is trying to pull us back towards summer, but in reality the Autumn/Winter season is just around the corner. If you are shopping for some new pieces for your wardrobe to suit the darker and colder months ahead, we have some key fashion tips to keep in mind…


– Choose your winter colours wisely –

Whether it is a monochrome theme, dusky pinks, rich reds or sapphire blues, winter daywear should reflect those misty mornings and dark nights. Red is particularly relevant this year; however traditional colours that embrace the season are always a good choice.


– Ankle boots –

This length of boot is ideal as it will help keep your toes warm and dry, without taking over your outfit. They will also be a great transitional piece for the current weather and come in handy as we move towards spring next year. If you want to customise your ankle boots, add some studs.


– A touch of sparkle –

Whether it is a statement necklace, dazzling brooch or dramatic bangles, something sparkly is a great way to add extra oomph to a bag, boots, dress or jacket. This is also a good trick for dressing up your daywear for an evening out.


– Update your accessories –

A fur trim, cosy scarf and soft mittens will be essential when we eventually experience that first frost. Be prepared and make sure that you have your cosy accessories ready. Oh, and don’t forget a cute little hat!


– The winter coat –

This is the most essential item for the next few months as your outfits will largely be hidden for most of the time that you are outdoors. Therefore, it is important that your outer layer is stylish and flattering; a vintage camel coat ticks all the boxes.


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