Need a designer wardrobe at your fingertips? ‘Girl Meets Dress’ is for you…

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Whether it is a drinks party, society ball or the wedding of a close friend, picking the prefect dress for a special occasion is an art. We all love to find a piece that has the ‘wow’ factor and after wearing it once to make our style statement, the dress is often sent to the back of our wardrobe. After all, we can’t possibly be seen repeating such an outfit during the same season.

With this in mind, The Sloaney has discovered a rather wonderful service that is perfect for a social butterfly who needs an extensive designer wardrobe at her fingertips.

Girl Meets Dress is a leading online rental service, where ladies can borrow the most desirable designer dresses. Located in Chelsea, the company offers next day delivery nationwide and has a collection comprising over 4,000 high-end pieces.

 Girl Meets Dress

Founder, Anna Bance, explained, “Girl Meets Dress was born out of a slight jealousy of the fact that celebrities are allowed to borrow designer dresses. I thought it would be amazing if everyone could wear a different designer for each special event in the calendar, without necessarily having to commit to a purchase.”

With Girl Meets Dress, a rental fee is attached to each piece and your outfit can be delivered to your home or office. You are even given the luxury of trying on three different dresses ahead of your event and only charged for the one that you select. Once you are finished with your chosen piece, you simply send it back to Girl Meets Dress, where it will be dry cleaned and prepared for its next outing.

This is surely the perfect service for stylish ladies who never like to be seen in the same outfit more than once, and ideal for those stylish dresses that like to be seen out and about more often than once!


Here are The Sloaney’s top three pieces from Girl Meets Dress:

If you are looking for a chic day dress, this pistachio green and brown trim Miu Miu piece is ideal for creating a feminine and sophisticated outfit (RRP £1,280 Rental Fee £229):

Girl Meets Dress: MIU MIU - Jewelled Closure Dress

Those in search of a ravishing cocktail dress need look no further than this beautiful Alice by Temperley creation (RRP £285 Rental Fee £79):

Girl Meets Dress: ALICE BY TEMPERLEY - Molina Ruched Dress

The Louise gown by Dina Bar-El is a refined and elegant evening dress that is perfect for showing off an hourglass figure (RRP £700 Rental Fee £109):

Girl Meets Dress: DINA BAR-EL - Louise

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