Luxurious, hand-stitched shawls from The Wonder Room

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Stylish fashionistas always agree on one timeless and essential accessory for your wardrobe; the shawl. I have recently discovered The Wonder Room. Clinging tightly to descriptions like chic, adventurous and style conscious, if you are wearing a scarf from this elegant brand, you will immediately stand out in the crowd as it unites fashion with glamour.

The creative influence behind The Wonder Room is Sabah Mir, a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur with an eye for fashion. After eight gruelling years working in the city, Sabah left and followed her dreams by setting up The Wonder Room. Her brand caters to the niche market for luxurious shawls and each shawl is individually crafted and hand-stitched in India by friends of Sabah. With original concepts, designs, luxurious fabrics and beautiful craftsmanship, a shawl from The Wonder Room is guaranteed to make you feel fabulous.

The Wonder Room offers a range of luxurious shawls

The Wonder Room offers a range of luxurious shawls

These perfectly polished accessories seem to be pinched directly from Aladdin’s cave. They arrive in gorgeous packaging, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a beautiful ribbon. Generous in size, each measures nearly 30×70 inches and is high quality. The fabric is a blend of wool, silk and viscose and each shawl boasts an abundance of tassels, ethnic beads, jewels, mirrors and sequin detailing.

These shawls can either be worn for warmth or as an accessory, and they work nicely in both warm and cold weather. They add a perfect touch of glamour, whether bundled up under a jacket or draped over a summery dress. They are available in an abundance of styles and colours and I have found that any shawl will work well with nearly any outfit.

This glamourous brand prides itself on ensuring the highest quality products, outstanding service and respectable ethics. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift, The Wonder Room will most certainly satisfy the fashionista in you.

View the full range here.

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