The Shakespeare Conspiracy is a must-see show in November

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If you have a busy November on the horizon, one show you must make room for is The Shakespeare Conspiracy. Written by Andrew Shepherd, the production will shortly be arriving in the heart of Chelsea and is billed as one of London’s most exciting new comedies.

The Shakespeare Conspiracy comes to Chelsea for November

The Shakespeare Conspiracy comes to Chelsea for November

The Shakespeare Conspiracy is set in a world where Shakespeare’s characters are real, the RSC is a branch of the government, Iago is trying to destroy the world and mankind’s last hope is a travel agent called Martin. For 400 years a secret war has been waged between heroes and villains created by William Shakespeare. The heroes seem to have the upper hand, as all the villains are held in a specially built maximum security prison called The Globe, behind a magical barrier fashioned by Shakespeare himself. However there are rumours of a traitor in the RSC, the government agency responsible for his characters. Martin is about to have a birthday to remember as he discovers he is our only hope, should the villains escape.

Run by the acclaimed theatre company, ACS Random, previews of the show in 2011 sold out. Therefore, to mark their 10th anniversary ACS Random decided to put on a series of full length performances. The run begins at Chelsea Theatre at World’s End Place on the 6th of November and continues until the 24th of November. Bookings can be made online.

The Shakespeare Conspiracy, Chelsea Theatre, World’s End Place, SW10 0DR, from 6th-24th November (not Sundays). Starts at 7.30pm. Running time 2 hours. Ticket price £12.  Bookings

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