A Very Big Art Show Celebrates British Art in British Summertime

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With the gorgeous sunshine we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks looking set to stay, the thought of heading inside for an exhibition is tough for even the most dedicated art lovers. That’s why I was thrilled to discover that this year’s biggest art show is taking place outdoors.

Art Everywhere is a charitable project to celebrate British art. The brainchild of Innocent Drinks co-founder Richard Reed, with support from Tate and the Art Fund, the idea began with a question: “what if all the posters across the country showed art not advertising?” Now, what is set to become the largest exhibition in the world will soon brighten up the streets of the UK. Imagine what it will be like to experience the past 500 years of artistic history during your daily commute; no doubt, like me, you’re already feeling inspired.

The charitable art project will transform tens of thousands of billboards into great British masterpieces this summer

The charitable art project will transform tens of thousands of billboards into great British masterpieces this summer

One of the most exciting things about Art Everywhere is the chance to get involved. As a crowd-funded project, the campaign is seeking donations to help convert thousands of billboards into British masterpieces. For as little as £3 you can propel the mission a step further. There are some tempting rewards in return too, including trendy totes, limited edition prints and even your very own billboard (available for donations of over £21, £75 and £450 respectively).

Last week, the selection process closed with nominations for a feast of the very best British art, including works by Francis Bacon, John Constable, Lucian Freud, Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Martin Creed, Tracey Emin and David Hockney. Stay tuned on 8th August when the top 50 voted works will be revealed before the exhibition goes live from 10th August through to the 25th.

If you’re not already a member, I also recommend joining the project’s supporting partner The Art Fund. The national charity fundraises for art, helping museums and galleries to buy and show great works of art for everyone to enjoy. Membership includes free or reduced-price entry to exhibitions at a wide range of institutions and, personally, I think it makes for an excellent gift idea with a difference for an art-loving friend’s birthday.

To play your part in flooding the great outdoors with beautiful art this summer, visit

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