The Art of Fine Dining at Debut Contemporary

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There is a new way to dine out in London and it comes with a tasty helping of art. The venue is not a restaurant but Debut Contemporary, an innovative gallery setting trends with its unique art/lifestyle fusion events, which include art and yoga. Their bespoke luxury dining experience, Art Dinner, mixes the sensations of the culinary world with the vibrant pulse of creative culture. Fine art and fine food seasoned with a pinch of fun? This I had to try!

Each month Debut Contemporary host the dinner at their space in Notting Hill where new works by a rich and eclectic range of artists are on show. The May edition began with a warm welcome of cocktails, friendly smiles and mingling time to greet my fellow guests. I was pleased to find myself in such diverse company, from businessmen to art professionals, experienced collectors, newcomers, and six of the gallery’s artists, either current or alumni.

The Art of Fine Dining at Debut Contemporary

The Art of Fine Dining at Debut Contemporary

Soon it was time to hand over to the hugely talented Italian Supper Club, the in-demand pop-up fine dining team coveted by London foodies, who had the task of cooking for the evening. Four courses took me on a culinary journey through Italy, from fresh fish to a ‘Spring Sonata’ of orecchiette pasta followed by succulent venison resting on a bed of rich red lentils. For dessert, white pannacotta wibble-wobbled angelically into the room alongside a devilish accomplice in the form of sweet, strong coffee liqueur.

While the quality of the food and wine ensures the £75 ticket is excellent value for money, the entertainment makes Art Dinner extra special. Dreamt up by the team to foster lively exchange between creative minds, the gallery seats its artists at random among the guests, inviting them to move places around the table after each course.

The quality of the food and wine was exceptional

The quality of the food and wine was exceptional

Not only did this simple idea keep conversation fresh, the atmosphere buzzed with inspiration as people carried on sharing new stories and ideas late into the night. The icing on the cake (forgive the dodgy food pun, but I couldn’t resist adding one!) came with a live music performance courtesy of rising classical star Michael Petrov, a cellist hailing from London’s Guildhall.

Dinners where the food and the conversation are equally as memorable are rare; Art Dinner is an inimitable arty culinary voyage, impossible to adequately describe and certainly not to be missed.

 To find out more information and to book your place, visit the website here.


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