Pause your detox to visit the ‘The Wolseley’ for a traditional cream tea on a chilly day

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January is the month when we desperately try to counteract those festive overindulgences with rigorous exercise, detox and fad diets. But while the guilt of Christmas sits on our hips and forces us to hit the gym, we mustn’t deprive ourselves of a little treat every now and again.

Rather than rule out everything sweet, I like to follow the philosophy that if you are working out and eating healthily, you can afford to enjoy a weekly treat. After all, there’s nothing like a reward to help boost motivation.

So, following a three mile run with a friend (incidentally, working out is so much easier with a fitness partner), I deliberated over my ‘Treat of the Week’. After reading about the various ways to eat a cream tea, and learning the difference between the Devonshire and the Cornish method, I decided to explore this old fashioned British ritual further and treat myself to one.

So, where did I need to venture in order to satisfy my sweet craving?

Although the Ritz is renowned as one of the best places in London for an afternoon indulgence, I sought somewhere a little more relaxed. Walking east along Piccadilly, I stumbled across The Wolseley.

The Wolseley
Entering this grand building, which in 1921 was a car showroom, the high ceiling, lavish décor, private dining rooms and super sexy bar suggests that I was perhaps a little underdressed in my casual flats. However, I was greeted with a warm smile and shown to a sweet little table in the middle of the room, which seemed perfect for absorbing the surroundings and politely observing passers-by.

The restaurant was certainly grand and the ambience quite delightful. My English Breakfast Tea was presented beautifully and brewed in a pretty china teapot, accompanied by freshly baked, warm scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream. Needless to say, my sugar hit was perfectly satisfied and calorie counting went out the window as I savored every flavor of my sweet treat.

In fact, the only word to pass my lips when describing the scrumptious scone, layered with a rather big helping of cream and a hat of jam (the Devonshire way) was; ‘yum!’.

The Wolseley
The Wolseley Cream Tea £9.75 / The Wolseley Champagne Tea £29.27 (prices per person)

Times: Monday-Friday 3.00 pm till 6.30pm / Saturday 3.30 pm till 5.30 pm / Sunday 3.30 pm till 6.30 pm 

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