Enjoy a magnificent Moroccan Afternoon Tea at Momo Restaurant

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The Afternoon Tea at Momo Restaurant is without doubt one of the best in London. While this may seem a strong opening statement, I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce this dining experience where the setting, quality of food and service is top-notch. Since visiting the Morocan inspired restaurant last week, I have been recommending it to friends, colleagues and family alike. The time has come to share my visit with readers of The Sloaney.

Momo Restaurant is hidden behind Regent Street and is one of the most prestigious venues on a pretty alleyway of restaurants in Heddon Street. It has always been a chic and fashionable destination to frequent. For those who haven’t visited this area, it is one of the best places to escape the chaos of nearby Oxford Circus.

Momo is a little paradise in urban surroundings and the front terrace – which has recently been revamped – gives guests great privacy. Tall bamboo plants and greenery block out passers-by without disguising the view of stunning architecture exhibited by neighbouring buildings. The striking interior and abstract décor hints at the fact Momo is part of the same family as renowned restaurant Sketch, which is located just up the road.

Moroccan Afternoon Tea at Momo

Moroccan Afternoon Tea at Momo

I was joined for Afternoon Tea by our Film Editor for Sloaney TV, Sarah Bacon. We decided on a relatively late sitting (5.15pm). As soon as we took up residence at a table on the terrace to enjoy the evening sunshine an attentive waitress arrived with a menu. Pommery was the house champagne and we both ordered a glass of fizz before browsing the selection of treats. The terrace was bustling with fellow diners, some of whom were enjoying sheeshas and others that were settling down for coffee or a bite to eat with their shopping bags.

We opted for the full Moroccan Afternoon Tea and were blown away by its presentation when it arrived. The substantial collection of sweet and savoury bites to eat was impressively displayed on a tall and delicate silver tiered tray. We began with the scones and, considering we were both rather peckish, their generous size was appreciated. They were absolutely delicious and we both made the decision to save one until the end of the meal.

When moving onto the savoury dishes, we were first greeted by the Moroccan Chicken Wrap. This was delicately toasted and its subsequent warmth complimented the mild spices. The Cheese Briouats, Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Cream Cheese and Zaalouk & Mechouia on Toast followed. Whist some of these may sounds a little rich; they were the perfect size and satisfying, rather than overpowering.

The terrace has been re-vamped at Momo and is a beautiful spot just off Regent Street

The terrace has been re-vamped at Momo and is a beautiful spot just off Regent Street

However, working up an appetite or eating very lightly before enjoying the Afternoon Tea at Momo is recommended because there is so much delicious food on offer. A long pause between courses is advisable and before moving onto the sweets we took one such opportunity to try our selected teas. Sarah chose the Comcubines Tea which is a rare, delicate blend of green and black Chinese teas. It is fruity but also contains a dash of rose petal, which smells and tastes wonderful. I chose the 7 Citrus Fruits Green Tea which is a traditional green tea that is given extra zest with an array of fruits such as citrus peel, natural extracts of lemon, lime and mandarin.

I was particularly excited by the final course as I adore macaroons. There, in pride of place, sat a plump looking Pistachio Macaroon. It did not disappoint and softly melted in my mouth to leave a nutty essence. Maghrebine Pastries, Lemon Cream Pain De Gene and Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Mousse did not remain on our plates for long. Even though we felt full to the brim at this point, there was still a tiny space left to enjoy the final scone that we had saved from the start. A large dollop of clotted cream and some strawberry and fig jam guaranteed the best flavours were released to complete this magnificent meal.

Momo is located at 25, Heddon street, London W1B 4BH. To make a reservation, please telephone + 44 207 434 4040 or visit

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