Try a world class hydrating facial at the Carol Joy Pop Up in Harrods

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I have been travelling quite a lot recently and I always find that flying takes its toll on my skin, especially at this time of year. It becomes dry, dehydrated and generally rather dull looking. I will admit that I am certainly not the best water drinker, in fact, far from it. A combination of daily runs, lots of Diet Coke, too many cups of tea along with weekend wine treats means I am way behind in the hydration stakes, before I even start.  While there is nothing quite like H20 for giving your skin a glow from within, my poor water-drinking habits mean that I always look for extra ways to become revitalised. This is where facials play an important role.

Carol Joy is a brand that I discovered earlier this year when I picked up a sample of their serum. I was so impressed with the anti-aging product, which has a unique sparkly finish, that I have been keen to further explore the other products and services for a while. There is a flagship salon on Draycott Avenue and the treatments are also available in a select number of luxury spas, including The Dorchester.

The Carol Joy flagship salon in South Kensington

The Carol Joy flagship salon in South Kensington

I ventured to South Kensington to try the best-selling Carol Joy Diamond Facial with Oxyjet. The 90 minute treatment involves several stages, including mirco-dermabrasion and a special process of blasting the skin with pure oxygen. This facial is not only designed to hydrate your skin but it has also been created to give you an instant glow and a significant boost in regards to reducing the appearance of fine lines.

As I relaxed in the spacious treatment room my therapist explained each part of the treatment before it began. This meant that during the facial I was able to completely switch off and enjoy the soothing spa music. After the initial products were applied, a diamond applicator gently massaged my face to remove any dead cells. A special drainage process then occurred before my skin received a significant blast of oxygen, during which I could almost feel it smiling with delight!

The final key phase of the facial was the collagen mask and this is crucial for helping to achieve a more plumped and renewed look. The cool mixture is applied and left to soak into the pores in order to gain maximum benefit. During this time I was given a gentle head, neck and arm massage which helped loosen my tight shoulders.

Some of the impressive products by Carol Joy

Some of the impressive products by Carol Joy

At the end of the 90 minute treatment I felt completely relaxed and as though my skin has received extra special attention. It looked instantly fresher and appeared much more hydrated. This result has already lasted a number of days, with my skin looking better than ever before. I think the lasting effects are a really important aspect to keep in mind when you select a facial as not only should it make an immediate difference to your skin, but the improvement should last as long as possible. This is what sets apart a great facial from a good facial.

The Carol Joy treatments undoubtedly fall into the ‘great’ category and I would thoroughly recommend acquainting yourself with this impressive brand. In fact, there is a pop-up event running next week at Urban Retreat in Harrods from the 28th to the 3rd of November which will offer a preview of some of the best treatments. You can book a space by calling Tel: +44 (207) 581 52 22.