Sloaney Beauty: The quick and easy way to having hair like the Duchess of Cambridge

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Speculation has been mounting for some time as to whether the Duchess of Cambridge receives a helping hand with her fabulous bouffant through the use of a hair piece or extensions. Whether the flowing locks are entirely her own or given a subtle boost remains a well-kept secret.

One thing is certain; Kate Middleton has always been very reliant upon the skills of her hairdresser, Richard Ward. For those of you wanting to replicate her voluminous style, without having a daily blow dry, Harrods stock a high-end range of hair pieces by Vicki Ullah.
The Wig Boudoir is situated in the Urban Retreat section of the luxury department store where you can view a selection of synthetic or human hair extensions. An experienced stylist will help you make a suitable choice and although permanent extensions are available, The Sloaney recommends opting for a temporary hair piece.
After trialling both options, the main advantage of a temporary extension is that you can take it out when you don’t need the added volume. Therefore, you will have much more flexibility for styling your hair and following the latest trends. Not only can permanent extensions be difficult to wash, but they will also weaken your hair after time. By removing your hair piece as you please, you can give your own hair some respite and special treatment.

Consultations: £50
Human hair extensions: from £169

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