The magical power of SkinChemists: Meet Bee Venom and Rapid Facial

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I only write about beauty products that genuinely produce results and this month I have discovered a pretty impressive range. Prior to the start of November, I was not personally familiar with the SkinChemists brand, even though one of our writers featured their Snake Venom in our beauty pages almost exactly two years ago. She sang its praises and claimed it to be a miraculous natural alternative to botox and while many of our readers were thrilled with the recommendation (and the product’s performance), I never actually tried it.

Instead, two years later, I have finally experienced the magical power of SkinChemists, but in a slightly different format. Staying with face products and the anti-aging theme, I tried the well-respected Bee Venom and also the Rapid Facial.

While I was impressed by both products, I want to begin by recounting my experience of the Bee Venom.

skinChemists Bee Venom

skinChemists Bee Venom

The beauty market is flooded with serums and it can be difficult to tell one apart from another. However, SkinChemists Bee Venom is a serum with a difference; chiefly, its texture. While many brands present rather thin versions of this product that often fail to sink into your pores with great ease, Bee Venom is the complete opposite. The serum has a distinctive gel texture and although this may give the impression of a gloop-like consistency, it is in fact very soft. The serum is easy to apply and absorbs almost instantly. However, it also moisturises your face intensely, leaving your skin feeling far from thirsty, unlike some other serums.

This product has a broad celebrity fan base that ranges from Royal circles with the likes of the Duchess of Cornwall, to the high-fashion scene and supermodels such as Jordan Dunn. The ingredients include Manuka honey and bee venom, which help produce an instant radiant glow to your skin – I love nothing more than something that works and works quickly!

skinChemists Rapid Facial

skinChemists Rapid Facial

While the Bee Venom is a great everyday product, the Rapid Facial is designed to give you some extra TLC. This is the perfect product for those who like to intersperse their salon facials with a similar treatment at home. It has been inspired by popular skincare treatments such as microdermabrasion and aids with giving you a fresh and renewed complexion.

The Rapid Facial is easy to apply and can be used on dry skin. All you have to do is wait for it to dry before peeling it away from your face or you can remove it by rubbing the product gently. The result is evenly exfoliated skin and improved clarity.

Both of these products more than live up to expectations and they are a must have if you want radiant skin throughout the party season ahead. If I had to pick only one, the Bee Venom would come out on top.

Products by skinChemists can be purchased online. Bee Venom costs £135 per 30ml Rapid Facial costs £117 per 50ml

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