Sarah Chapman’s bespoke facial will transform your skin… and your life!

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When I hit my mid to late twenties, I must admit that I felt a sudden sense of panic. I experienced a fear that the youthful glow of my skin was about to be compromised by the early signs of aging. Botox and skin peels are still a little beyond me (well, for now anyway), so it has been my quest to seek out pain free alternatives for achieving a healthy, radiant complexion.

My most recent discovery, which is possibly one of London’s best-kept secrets, is Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Clinic in Chelsea. With 18 years experience in the beauty industry and advanced training in cosmetic science, Sarah Chapman is one of the most sought after beauty specialists and skincare experts. Her Chelsea clinic provides a range of treatments, but it was her bespoke facial (a favourite among her celebrity clientele) and her illustrious range of products, which have won a string of beauty awards, that I was most eager to try.

Sarah Chapman


On a bitterly cold afternoon I arrived at the Skinesis Clinic, which is rather inconspicuously nestled on the ultra chic Draycott Avenue. Here, I was welcomed into the warmth of an elegant consultation room where I discussed my skincare regime, diet and lifestyle with a Dermal Therapist. I then settled into a cosy chair in a lavishly decorated beauty room, where I lay down, ready for an hour and a half focused purely on my skins requirements.

Under the professional, scrupulous eye of my therapist, it was revealed that my English Rose skin was not in such good shape. Regardless of my strict skincare regime and obsessive attempts to slow down the aging process, it seems that the cold winter we have been enduring has been getting the better of me. My skin was exceptionally dry and dehydrated; therefore my treatment was focused on quenching my thirsty pores and restoring it on a cellular level so that it would look healthy and rejuvenated.

Sarah Chapman Clinic

After a deep cleanse, my skin was indulged in a range of Sarah’s breakthrough, hand blended serums and oils accompanied with massage, muscle stimulation and lymph drainage. While all facials are tailored to the individual, one product that is used on every skin type, and that can be purchased for home use, is the Instant Miracle Mask. This skin-perfecting mask is infused with moisturising hyaluronic acid, vital vitamin, minerals and protein tighteners. When the mask came off, my skin felt hydrated, smooth and instantly brighter and firmer. Another personal favourite was the red Omnilux LED light; using light technology it promotes healing and is a fantastic collagen stimulant. Ten minutes underneath this nourishing light left my skin glowing and feeling utterly gorgeous.

Sarah Chapman Clinic

If, like me, you have tried and tested every facial on the market, but have never truly been satisfied with the results, then you simply must book an appointment at the Skinesis Clinic. The bespoke facials are incredibly relaxing, but most importantly you get effective and immediate results. I can actually say this was the first time I have walked away from a facial with skin that looked radiant and revitalized.

As a true product junkie, I simply could not leave without taking some of Sarah’s skincare products home. So far, I have been testing her Ultimate Cleanse and Eye Recovery Cream. The milky facial cleanser works deep into the pores and I can vouch that it will leave your skin feeling nourished, rather than tight and dry. The eye cream has a glorious balmy texture (which I love), and while it fights off those pesky winkles it also brightens up my tired and often puffy eyes.

Sarah Chapman Eye Cream

Skin Consultation – 30 minutes, £50.00; Skinesis Bespoke Facial – (First visit) 1 ½ hours Sarah £160 / Dermal therapist £140; For appointments and to view the product range, please click here

One Response to Sarah Chapman’s bespoke facial will transform your skin… and your life!

  1. Julia Smith 24 February 2012 at 6:51 pm

    I have been to Sarah Chapman’s for a facial but have to say that for me it wasn’t a great experience. The treatment room was next to the office: you had the noise of phones ringing, people in the office talking, the front door slamming. Although the facial was good the room was just far too noisy and for that reason I never went back.

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