Halle Carlson reaps the rewards of her final Chantecaille Energy Lift™ Facial

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Just before the holidays you may have seen me bounding back into Chantecaille Healing Spa at Fenwick for the final course of the 3-course Energy Lift™ Facial. Although just one treatment proved extremely effective, to keep up the look it is recommended that you book the course. The third and final treatment did not disappoint. My first treatment prepped and lifted the muscle in my face and neck to enhance my natural structure, resulting in a fresher, lifted and more awake look. The second treatment further strengthened the muscle to continue the look, proving that the course lifts and brightens your skin.

As you may know (if you have not yet broken that New Year resolution to hit the gym!), you cannot work out a muscle once and expect it to stay in shape; it is necessary to continue to exercise the muscle to see desired results. Naturally, this also applies to the muscles in your face and neck. Weak facial muscles result in a dull complexion and pesky fine lines and wrinkles. I spaced the three treatments out by one month and the third treatment of the Energy Lift™ Facial course was perfectly timed for the upkeep of my look into the New Year.

Win a facial treatment by Chantecaille by following us on Twitter and retweeting

Win a facial treatment by Chantecaille by following us on Twitter and retweeting

Once again, two different types of Chantecaille top shelf masks were applied to my face before Christina began the treatment. Familiar with the tickly electrodes in the machine, I welcomed the procedure and relaxed for the entire hour while my face was lifted and sculpted.

As the procedure does not open the pores of your skin, I was able to visit Chantecaille’s skin and makeup kiosk on the ground floor of Fenwick afterwards to try their natural and organic makeup range. The natural shades in the foundation and powder made my skin glow and provided an even complexion. Gorgeous shades from the Save the Sharks eye Palette were applied to my eyes to bring out my eye colour. This palette is 2013’s contribution to Chantecaille’s desire to give back; 5% of proceeds from each Palette are donated to the BLOOM Association to ban unregulated shark fin trade. The look was polished with a swathe of Faux Cils Mascara, which contains red seaweed extracts and a combination of natural waxes which lengthen, thicken, and curl the lashes.

The Save the Sharks palette

The Save the Sharks palette

Although my course of three Energy Lift™ Facials has come to an end, I still have one more visit to Chantecaille Healing Spa to try the signature Remodeling Facial. This treatment combines Chantecaille Titanium products and a top of the line lymphatic drainage machine to contour and lift the face and deeply hydrate the skin.

Stay tuned for my review of this revolutionary treatment and in the meantime we have an exciting competition for one lucky reader to win a treatment of the Energy Lift™ facial! To enter, all you have to do is sign up The Sloaney here or follow us on Twitter and retweet any of our tweets about the Energy Lift™ facial feature. We will pick one lucky winner by midday next Friday.

Chantecaille Healing Spa Energy Lift™ Facial, 1 hr 30 (Consultation and Treatment) — £125. Package of three 45-minute maintenance sessions – £250. For appointments, please call 0207 409 9870


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