Fake Bake’s 60 Minutes: Get a long-lasting and natural looking self tan

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If you want to prolong your tan, or you just fancy giving your skin a healthy glow during the summer months, Fake Bake has released a great new product. 60 Minutes Self Tan Liquid is billed as the longest lasting and most natural looking fake tan on the market. The Sloaney recently sampled this revolutionary new product and we have to admit that the results were very impressive.


Fake Bake

Fake Bake’s new ’60 Minutes’ creates the ultimate natural-looking tan


If you are put off self tan by that standard, biscuit-like smell that seems to be prevalent in most brands, ’60 Minutes’ may offer a more appealing alternative. Although there are hints of the self tan scent during the tanning process, the initial application boasts an exotic smell, which evokes a holiday vibe. This proved much nicer than many other products on the market.

One of the unique facets of this product is that it only needs between one and three hours to develop. After the first 60 minutes, you are guaranteed a golden tan and this will become bronzed if you leave it for two hours. After three hours, it will become a deep tan.

A professional mitt and gloves will protect your hands during the application and the liquid itself is sprayed on to your body. You then need to rub the light dew mist on your skin in a circular motion. A cosmetic colour will guide you when applying the tan and it is recommended that you only use a delicate layer over your elbows and knees.


Fake Bake

Fake Bake’s new ’60 Minute’ product


The Sloaney girls were very impressed with how quickly the tan dried, which means you can redress almost immediately. ’60 Minutes’ gives a remarkably even finish and the tan looks incredibly natural, with bronze tones dominating. As for how long it lasts, we reported the results back via our twitter feed. You can follow The Sloaney here. Overall, we were very happy with the results.

Purchase Fake Bake’s 60 Seconds online by clicking here (236ml for £24.95). 

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