Fake Bake Sport tan gives a long-lasting, water-resistant colour

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We have discovered a great bronzing product for the gym bunnies among our readers. For those of you who are tired of going through the self tanning process, only to see a dramatic reduction in colour after your workout and shower, Fake Bake’s ‘Sport’ is the tan for you.

Some of The Sloaney team tried Fake Bake’s ‘Sport’ this week and we were very impressed with the results. It works as a daily moisturiser and can be used instead of your usual lotion. Simply apply it in the morning and watch as a gradual tan develops during the day.

Fake Bake Sport

Fake Bake Sport is available from The Sloaney Beauty Shop – (Click to buy)

When you first smell the tan it seems to have a tropical scent, with hints of coconut. This lasts during the application process; however, depending on how much is applied, you may detect a slight ‘biscuit smell’ as the agents begin to work. While some people really don’t like this familiar odor in fake tan products, in this case, it was only mild and very easily disguised by adding a heavily scented moisturiser to your skin.

The tan noticeably developed over a few hours and was much admired in the office as the rich golden hue seemed to flatter most skin types. The real test came when we put it through its paces, literally! A long run in the pouring rain followed by a hot bath definitely challenged the staying power of the tan. While many others would definitely have faded, it passed with flying colours and the bronzed effect was as good as new.

For those of you wanting a durable self tan product that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine, we definitely recommend Fake Bake’s ‘Sport’. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even need to use it daily to maintain the tint in your skin, which makes it even more low maintenance and accommodating.

Fake Bake Sport is a unisex tanning product and available to buy through The Sloaney Beauty Shop here.