Chantecaille’s Remodeling Facial will help you fight the winter blues

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Feeling a bit weathered by the cold spell? I recently returned to my favourite haunt of late – the Chantecaille Healing Spa in Fenwick on New Bond Street – to fend off the winter blues. Having completed my course of the Energy Lift Facial, I have now turned my attention to another fabulous treat on their extensive menu; the Remodeling Facial.

Give your skin some TLC with the Remodelling FacialGive your skin some TLC with the Remodelling Facial

Give your skin some TLC with the Remodeling Facial by Chantecaille

This is available as a one-off consultation and treatment and lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. However, it is recommended that you book a package of three 45-minute maintenance sessions. The treatment begins with the application of a combination of revolutionary Chantecaille Titanium products before embarking on the remodelling treatment using their high standard lymphatic drainage machine. This machine contours and lifts the face while deeply hydrating your skin – perfect during the dry winter weather!

The Remodeling Face Machine feels incredible on your skin and consists of two sizes of tube-like attachments. They were slowly run over the skin on my face and neck, gently plumping out fine lines, whilst smoothing my complexion. The Remodeling Face Machine is the most effective lymphatic drainage system that minimises fluid retention, re-contours the face and firms lacklustre skin.

Christina, the fantastic spa therapist, combined the usage of the machine with an acupressure head, neck and shoulder massage that was sensational enough to make my toes curl. She concluded the treatment by armouring my skin with Chantecaille products to keep the moisture in and protect it from pollution or damaging chemicals. Once again, I left Chantecaille a happy and impressed customer. I highly recommend booking your Remodeling Facial soon if you are need of the perfect winter weather pick-me-up!

Remodeling Facial Consultation and Treatment – £95; Package of three 45 minute Maintenance Sessions – £190

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