An expert approach to skincare at the QMS Medicosmetics Spa

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Before leaving for my recent trip to the South of France, I had a rather large ‘To Do’ list. Among the priority pre-travel preparations was the need to squeeze in a facial. After an extremely busy few months, my skin was in desperate need of some TLC so I visited the experts at QMS Medicosmetics.

The flagship spa and store for this intelligent brand of skincare is located a short walk away from Sloane Square at Cadagon Gardens. As soon as you arrive at the impressive salon, the scientific approach to this line of beauty products in evident. Whilst it is always nice to indulge in opulent and decorative surroundings, the setting at the QMS Medicosmetics Spa in London is far more clinical than the treatment rooms you would find in luxurious hotels. This emphasises the almost-medical approach that is taken when assessing your skin.

The treatment rooms are pristine and entirely white, with the exception of the turquoise blue branding that occasionally features. This creates a bright space and gives the facialist the best setting to meticulously review your skin.

The flagship spa is located in Chelsea

The flagship spa is located in Chelsea

I was booked in for the Pure Oxygen Facial, which is currently a special on the menu for the month of July. The treatment aims to literally breathe new life into your skin and involves massaging your face with a customised 98% pure concentrate of oxygen.

The facial begins with a consultation and this was particularly impressive with regards to the level of attention to detail. After I lay down on the heated bed, my beautician spent time reviewing each area of my face, in order to highlight any weak parts of the skin.

We discussed my normal routine and she was keen to stress the importance of hydration. The mild weather and polluted atmosphere in London means our skin can suffer at this time of year and the need to drink plenty of water is vital. Some slight fine lines on my face were apparently a result of dehydration and thankfully easily corrected. The consultation phase proved important for helping to decide the focus of the treatment and to select which products from the QMS Medicosmetics range would be most beneficial.

The brand takes a very scientific approach to skincare

The brand takes a very scientific approach to skincare

Following some deep cleansing, the exfoliation phase began and fruit acids, enzymes and steam were used. The acids stung slightly but this process also felt quite invigorating. A few extractions were carried out; however, this is optional and only conducted if required. As you would expect, my skin was a little aggravated after these initial stages of the treatment so an algi mask followed to help soothe it. The mask feels very heavy when it is applied but also cooling. Its properties help remove dead skin and support anti-aging. Once it had set, the mask was gently peeled away before the pinnacle of the treatment began; the application of concentrated oxygen.

The main purpose of the oxygen is to actively channel the ingredients to make sure they are absorbed deep into your skin. The process is relaxing and revitalising. Finally a massage encourages a radiating finish before the moisturisers are applied.

After the treatment I was encouraged to drink water to make sure I was as hydrated as possible. I also left the spa with three QMS Medicosmetics products to help the results last as long as possible. The Cleanser has proved an incredibly effective product and easily removes every ounce of makeup from your face. The Liquide Proteins is also impressive and this lightweight moisturing fluid is a good base product to use before applying your makeup. Lastly, the Cellular Alphine helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines through stimulation.

This was my first experience of the QMS Medicosmetics brand and I have been really impressed by their technologically driven approach to skincare. My skin was in wonderful condition for my trip to France and I would recommend visiting the spa if you are looking for some expert facial analysis.

The QMS Medicosmetics is located at 43 Cadogan Gardens, London, SW3 2TB. The Pure Oxygen Treatment is currently ‘Facial of the Month’ and is available for £145. Book an appointment by calling+44 (0) 20 7730 8090 or visiting the website here.

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