A Bumble and Bumble trio to help give your hair a healthy and glossy finish this winter

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I have been travelling quite a lot this year already and after a number of flights, plus a week in the dry mountain atmosphere of Heavenly Ski Resort, my hair is certainly showing some signs of fatigue. Winter is always a difficult period for your hair and skin, with both needing some extra TLC. Sea Kelp is a great supplement to take as it helps enhance the thickness and health of your hair. I also recently tried a mix of products from Bumble and Bumble to assist with replacing some of the moisture that has been sapped from my locks.

I previously found some of the Bumble and Bumble moisture enhancing products a little too heavy for my fine hair but this is certainly not the case with the Gentle Shampoo. This brilliant product lightly moisturises during the cleansing process. The shampoo is designed for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair and a small amount goes a long way when lathering.

Following my shampoo and rinse, I tried the Super Rich Conditioner which has been created to soften and detangle. I find this an especially useful product when I have used hairspray during the day as it is very effective at separating the follicles and making sure there are no little knots left from styling products.

This Bumble and Bumble trio works really well

This Bumble and Bumble trio will nourish your hair

Whilst this shampoo and conditioner combination is perfect for regular use, I also felt my hair was in need of a salon treatment, but in the comfort of my own bathroom. Bumble and Bumble’s Deep is described as a ‘protein feast’ and this is one of the best intense conditioning treatments that I have tired. Whilst some people choose to apply it immediately after the shampoo phase, I decided to use it as a second round conditioning product following the Super Rich Conditioner. Ideally you should leave the mask in for 20 minutes to reap the full benefits of the ingredients and you should also comb your hair through, to make sure the best coverage is achieved.

You can mix and match your products on the Bumble and Bumble website and I would recommend trying this combination as it works very well. My hair is noticeably shinier and feels as though it has received the health and moisture boost that it was craving.

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